Offices turning into sources of COVID-19 spread: NCDC

Offices turning into sources of COVID-19 spread: NCDC
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NEW DELHI: National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has prepared a report which reveals that workplaces in Delhi are turning into COVID-19 ‘hotspots’ and are becoming a source of spread of infection to families. The report is titled, “Revised Strategy for Control of COVID-19” which has been submitted to the Delhi government but has not been made public yet.

NCDC recommends efficient contact tracing in Delhi for controlling COVID-19 transmission.  Contact tracing in the capital since the beginning has been very limited and inefficiently regulated. The report, which was drafted under the guidance of the central government’s expert group lead by V K Paul, Member, NITI Aayog, recommended that guidelines on home isolation must be strictly followed. It also suggests that symptomtic cases from densely populated areas should only be isolated in COVID Care Centres to ensure safety of the area and utilisation of facilities.

It elucidated that owing to resumption of economic activities and offices, perception of COVID-19 has changed and therefore administration is facing a lot of resistance in terms of implementation of recommended strategy for containment zones. It said that since COVID-19 cases are being reported from all the districts in Delhi, current containment zone strategy needs to be revised.

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