Urban Infra

“We try to engage all...

N Manjushree, CEO, Bengaluru Urban Zilla Panchayat, speaks to Kumar Dhananjay, Consulting Editor, Urban Update, on tackling solid waste problem, reviving water bodies and other problems in Bengaluru city. She reiterates technology would play a significant role in improving access to better urban civic services

Towards 100% renewable Energy

A 2011 study by Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi stated that it was entirely possible to move to 100% renewable energy supply globally. They articulated their vision based on a conviction that it is feasible to generate all new energy with renewables by 2030

Let there be Light

Can India ensure ‘24×7 power for all’ by 2022 without increasing its emission? Yes, India can. The government has decided to invest hugely in renewable energy to meet its growing power demands in the wake of fast-paced urbanisation and economic development. The new policy decisions in the sector have to balance feasibility, affordability and environmental sustainability

Anybody for poor?

Are our cities well equipped to welcome the avalanche of new people? Are our economists and sociologists, besides planners ready with any plan, especially for the new lot of urban poor?