About Urban Update

Urban Update is an English monthly offering a signature blend of reporting and commentary on urban development, municipal affairs, innovation, sustainability, environment, energy efficiency, mobility, science and technology, and business, along with case studies and success stories from Indian and global cities and towns.

The magazine is an initiative of the All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG). It reports on day-to-day urban affairs.

The magazine plays a special and diversified role in urban development – as a primary, indispensable link among stakeholders directly or indirectly connected to the cause, a wellspring of writing and imagery that nurtures community and reinforces magazine’s vision of evangelizing urban infrastructure, governance, culture, safety and security, and, above all, sustainability. In pursuit of its mission, the magazine offers these features:

  • Accurate fair and consistent reporting on issues of concern that will help readers take informed decisions
  • Highlighting accomplishments challenges and experiences of cities to inspire others to stay involved in their communities
  • Promoting global understanding of city management and thus furthering community wisdom
  • Exercising the highest journalistic and ethical standards to produce a publication that is not only informative and interesting but also a trustworthy medium to share thoughts and engage with peers in the domain