NMRC gains ridership of 10,991 in 2 months

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NOIDA: The Aqua Line of Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) had 3.24 lakh passengers taking a ride during its second month of operation. As per NMRC officials, the overall average daily ridership on the metro line improved slightly to reach almost 11,000. A total of 6.48 lakh people used the Aqua Line in the two months, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) said.

The Aqua Line in its first month witnessed 3.24 lakh passengers and an average daily ridership of 10,458 passengers. By the end of March 25, 6.48 lakh riders were added while the average daily ridership during the two months reached 10,991.

P D Upadhyay, Executive Director, NMRC, said, “The ridership was approximately 13, 000 on the first day of revenue operations and after completion of the two months of metro operations the ridership stood at approximately 17, 000 depicting an increase of almost 30 per cent.” In the month of March, the ridership witnessed an increase of 57 per cent, he added.

Upadhyay further added that the NMRC’s revenue during the two months reached ₹1.99 crore up from ₹1.02 crore at the end of the first month.

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