After rising cases of COVID reinfection, Karnataka commissions clinical study

After rising cases of COVID reinfection, Karnataka commissioned clinical study
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BENGALURU: Government of Karnataka has commissioned for the clinical study of cases of COVID-19 reinfection after a 27-year-old COVID-19 survivor was tested positive again. The issue was raised during a high-level meet. A day before, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) reported four new cases of coronavirus reinfection, including a 60-year-old housewife and three doctors. Dr Keshavareddy Sudhakar, Minister of Medical Education, Karnataka, expressed his concerns over reinfection cases in his meeting with senior officials. He has asked the officials for a report on COVID-19 reinfection which is to be submitted by the end of the week. He also added, “We can’t be much concerned and show our anguish about this right now, but we must take precautions. Patients who have recovered should not assume that there can’t be a relapse.” He has asked the officials to study the situations in other countries as there are a lot of confusions which need to be cleared through proper study. He also asked them to devise a method to track those who have recovered.

AMC officials said that these cases are in line with the sero-prevalence survey of Gujarat, where the loss of antibodies was reported in previous cases which can be a prime reason for reinfection. However, experts say that there cannot be any definite evidence to suggest this resurfacing of the virus as it requires a lot of research and study to arrive at a conclusion. 

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