The USA reports the highest number of Coronavirus positive cases

The USA reports the highest number of Coronavirus positive cases
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WASHINGTON: Overtaking countries like China and Italy, The United States of America has now become the country with the highest number of COVID-19 infection cases. Johns Hopkins University data shows that the total number of cases in the US spiked to 85,663, after more than 16,000 cases were reported on March 26. China has a total of 81,782 cases of COVID-19 infected cases, while Italy has 80,589 cases till now, data shows.

According to Worldometer, website recording the confirmed cases of infection worldwide, cases in the United States have dangerously grown ten folds in a week’s time. The US also recorded the most number of deaths in a single day, with at least 263-recorded deaths on March 25. The total death count sits at 1,290 for the country as of now.

Donald Trump, President, USA, has attributed the spike to the increase in the testing for the virus. Deborah Brix, coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has confirmed that 55 per cent of the new cases have been reported from the New York – New York Metro area, which also includes the New Jersey area as well.  Brix also said that the country has conducted 5,50,000 tests so far.

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