Tamil Nadu government sets up district-level transport mobility groups

Chennai:In a first, to reduce the response time in tackling problems of the travelling public, the state government has set up district-level working groups to provide seamless mobility for all modes of transport in the district. The panel consists of seven members in each district, will meet every month to plan, coordinate, network and integrate various modes of transport and to report to the higher authorities.

“The working group on mobility will comprise district level departments that have a direct or indirect bearing on the mobility requirements of the locals. Academia and non-government organizations, Industry and trade bodies specialized in mobility will be a part of this effort,” transport secretary PWC Davidar said.

The move comes when 2.44 crore two-wheelers, and 23.61 lakhs four wheelers are plying on Tamil Nadu roads, leading to vehicular pollution and congestion in the state. Mobility ranging from pedestrian, personal transport to public transit and freight movement has become critical over the years.

“Any traffic solution will work only if comes from the district level and not state headquarters,” Davidar said. Certain ‘corrections’ could be done at the district level with early fund allocations made for each department.

Experts say district-level road safety committees are already in place and could be put to proper use. “The existing committees should be made to function effectively. They are more for fire-fighting than pro-active,” said K P Subramaniam, former professor of Urban Engineering, Anna University, who is also a former member of the Chennai Road Safety Committee. The government has also set up a state-level task force on mobility with chief secretary Girija Vaidyanathan as head, following the intervention of Niti Aayog. The objective of the task force would be to formulate a mobility strategy for the state after due deliberation on strengths, opportunities and challenges.


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