NDMC to start doorstep collection of  e-waste, pay for it too

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NEW DELHI: In order to dispose electronic waste in an environmental friendly manner, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has come up with an initiative in which they will start the door to door collection of electronic waste that fall under NDMC’s jurisdiction and will pay for it too.

NDMC official said, “According to the study conducted by the non-governmental organization Toxic Link, 90 per cent of the residents of Delhi don’t know how to deal with the electronic waste and what is procedure to dispose the electronic waste. To ensure the proper disposal of electronic waste in national capital, this project has been started.”

According to civic body, the project will be implemented at ground level in the next two months, as tendering process for the project has already been started.

“The person or company selected for the job will be responsible for e-waste collection from NDMC’s offices, schools, hospitals as well as residential areas,” said a senior NDMC official.

“Once the gadgets reach unauthorised extractors, the devices are broken down, burnt and bathed in acid just to extract metals, despite the fact the recycling of e-waste is banned in Delhi. This crude process emits toxic fumes and chemicals that make way into the drains, and then to rivers and water bodies,” said Satish Sinha, associate director, Toxic Link.


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