Hyderabad Corp. to impose Rs 5 000 penalty for burn garbage in public places

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Hyderabad: New rules will be implemented in Hyderabad to protect the environment from damage and to keep the city clean. The state government has prepared to impose a penalty on those who burn garbage in public places. Under the proposed rule, fines can be paid from 5,000 to 25,000 rupees for burning of garbage at public places.

If you get caught in a high amount of waste, you will get a fine of Rs 25,000. There is a fine of 200 rupees for spreading dirt in public place. Explain that the Urban Local Bodies is working on an arrangement wherein fines can be imposed on people who fail to handle solid waste management and those who spread the dirt. A new draft has been prepared on the State Policy and Solid Waste Management Strategy.

Under this, fees have been set for garbage collection. In this case, taking ‘Door to Door’ garbage, every flat and apartment in each apartment and apartment will be charged a fee of 30 rupees. This fee has been kept for Rs 500 for commercial institutions. At the same time, hotels and hostels will have to pay 750 rupees for the garbage collection. At the same time, 3000 rupees are charged from Marriage Hall, Function Hall and large establishments for garbage collection.

A program for a person or organization, in which more than 100 people have been invited, has to inform the urban body in advance. Along with this, the garbage will be put aside and handed over to the garbage collector. If this rule was not followed, then the urban local body would be fined Rs 5,000 by the estimated cost of cleanliness.

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