GoI sets up 11 empowered groups to ensue normalcy post lockdown

GoI sets up 11 empowered groups to ensue normalcy post lockdown
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NEW DELHI: In a bid to ensure a smooth transition back from the coronavirus shutdown, the Government of India, on March 29, has formed 11 empowered groups to develop plans and suggestions to put the economy, healthcare back on track in the shortest possible time. The groups would all work under the overall guidance of PK Mishra, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and out of the eleven, nine are led by the Secretaries of various ministries and the other two are headed by Niti Aayog members. The groups have been set under the Disaster Management Act.

The groups have also been given the instruction to take all the necessary steps for the time bound implementation of their plans. A panel on ‘Economy and Welfare’ is headed by Atanu Chakraborty, Economic Affair Secretary in the Finance Ministry while two other working groups are led by VK Paul, Member, Niti Aayog and CK Mishra, Environment Secretary which will develop preparedness measures for medical emergencies, supply and hospitals. The suggestions of the group would also be used to increase the capacity of ventilator manufacturing amongst other medical equipment. The group will also be doing an elaborate study on protective disinfectant equipment after April 14.

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