DTC to launch common mobility cards from August 24

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NEW DELHI: Common mobility cards will be applicable in all 5500 buses of DTC and cluster schemes from August 24. At present, this card is going on 250 buses. Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said that the Delhi Government has completed its preparation for the Common Card. It is now being launched in all the buses. He said that the new design of the card is also being worked on. In the new design of Common Mobility Card, there will be DMRC, Transport Department, and DTC logo. The new design card will be launched soon.

Transport Minister told that tickets are given through Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM) in DTC and cluster scheme buses. Now the ETM system has been implemented in all the buses. After ETM, the journey will now start in all buses through Common Mobility Card from August 24. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the Common Card in January 2018. Since then, this card of DMRC is going on 250 buses.

According to DTC, the pilot project of the Common Card has been successful and there is no problem with the common card. Since January, after the trial of the common card in these buses, it has now been decided to start this card in all the buses. Delhi will be the first city where a card can be used in metro and buses.

In January this year, the scheme of traveling to Metro Card of DTC 200 and cluster scheme of 50 buses was started. They will have a metro card; they will be able to travel in DTC and cluster scheme buses with this card. It is planned that this card can be made available to all ISBT, DTC bus pass section, railway stations, metro stations and airport at Delhi.




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