Delhi’s Bhikaji Cama metro station flooded days before opening

Landsliding due to rain near Bhikaji Kama Metro

New Delhi: Just a few days before the inauguration, the campus of the Bhikhaji Cama Place Metro station located on the Pink Line of Delhi Metro has been flooded. After the rains in Delhi, the gate of this station and the passage of the sidewalks are sunk in the water.

This time, there have been many incidents of the landslide near the underground metro stations of the newly built Pink Line (Shiv Vihar to Majlis Park) and Magenta Line (Botanical Garden to Janakpuri West). The quality of construction under phase 3 of Delhi metro is questioned due to these incidents.

Metro officials said, “Level of water has increased due to heavy rain, causing the entrance of water inside the Metro premises but the work to repair the damage has been started and it will be completely cured in the next two days”.

It is being told that the water was seized in the station due to land flowing near the subway station. From the walls of the station and the water, the water and mud Dhar started falling inside. Because of this, the Metro trial had to be stopped.

As soon as the information about the land plummeting around the station, DMRC senior officials reached the spot with immediate engineers and the team of experts. Work has been started to remove the water from the bucket by putting the workers in the station. After removing the water the collected mud will be cleaned in the station. Meanwhile, the work of filling the potholes from the ground floor of the station has also been started immediately.

However, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has refused to compromise quality in construction work. DMRC says that such incidents are likely to occur after heavy rains in the first monsoon on underground lines. Such incidents do occur on metro stations around the world. Underground lines have automatic (automatic) system of drainage. Therefore, there is no impact on operational and security.

It is noteworthy that there was a case of waterfall in the underground corridor near Munirka Metro Station of Magenta Line due to which the operation was affected. After this, the case of water and mud filling in the station have been revealed after that pavement paves were constructed by DMRC at Bhikaji Kam Place Metro station on Monday.

Bhikhaji Cama Place Metro Station and Durgabai Deshmukh is part of the corridor between Lajpat Nagar from South Campus. On July 24, 8.10 km long corridor was examined for security standard checks.

The Metro has started operating in a part of the Metro’s Pink Line. This part is from DU’s South Campus to the airport. The second part is from the South Campus between Lajpat Nagar. Bhikaji Cama Place Metro Station falls on the root of this second part. Two days ago, DMRC has started the trial of Metro on this route. The plan of the Metro is to start the operation of the subway on the route by the end of August or September.

Bhikaji Came Place Metro Station will start on August 6, which is built on the lines of ‘Corridor for Shoppers’. This 8.10-km long Durgabai Deshmukh South-Campus-Lajpat Nagar section will have six stations, including the inter-state on the INA (Yellow Line) and Lajpat Nagar (Violet Line).

It will connect four major markets of the city – Sarojini Nagar, INA, South Extension and Lajpat Nagar and it will reduce travel time of the passengers by around 20 minutes. On this route, Sir Vishweshwariya Moti Bagh, Bhikaji Cama Place, Sarojini Nagar, INA, South Extension and Lajpat Nagar are the new metro stations.


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