Alappuzha Municipality takes initiatives to reduce menstrual waste

menstrual waste
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ALAPPUZHA: After implementing a decentralised solid waste management system successfully in municipality limits, Alappuzha Municipality is now looking to tackle the growing problem of menstrual waste. To tackle the problem, Alappuzha Municipality has come up with a plan to reduce menstrual waste by distributing menstrual cups free of cost to female residents under municipality limits and promoting the use of them instead of sanitary napkins.

On an average, 0.43 tonnes of sanitary napkin waste is produced in the municipality and their disposal have become a major challenge as sanitary napkins are usually non-biodegradable.

S Jahangir, Secretary, Alappuzha Municipality said, “To manage it safely, we need systems like double chamber incinerator. But, we don’t have any such facilities at present. The decision to distribute menstrual cups is aimed at reducing the threat posed by sanitary napkins to our environment.”

He also said that in initial phase of the plan municipality is looking forward to distribute 5000 menstrual cups. “Cups can be reused for a period of up to five years. In that way, one cup can replace as many as 780 sanitary napkins. By distributing 5,000 cups, we are preventing 39 lakh sanitary napkins from entering the earth. In the next phase, we will distribute reusable pads made of clothes.”

The project started by municipality is also joined by the Kudumbashree Mission and various women empowerment organisations.

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