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Roadmap for smart villages

Mahatma Gandhi said, “the future of India lies in its villages”. Despite government’s focus on villages for many decades, villages remain poorly serviced and governed. India has been an agricultural economy yet the sector is still not a well-paying livelihood option. Generating new avenues of employment in villages, reviving agriculture and improving services in rural areas are some of the components that need to be included right away in rural development policies.

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Are Indian cities ‘disaster’ ready?

Many recent natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and cyclones have raised concerns over the preparedness of Indian cities to tackle them in an efficient manner to reduce the loss of life and property. The million dollar question is: do our cities have a plan and system to keep citizens safe during disasters…

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The stars are aligning

Government schemes, local innovations, financial support, and knowledge sharing from multilateral organisations, foreign governments and…

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