Yamuna water level causes hazard threat in Delhi

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NEW DELHI: The water level of the river Yamuna is constantly increasing in Delhi. Because of this, the old Yamuna Bridge (Railway Bridge) was stopped by the Railways, due to which the Railways canceled 27 trains and made changes in the route of 7 trains. However, now the old iron bridge has been re-opened for the movement of trains.

Northern Railway officials said that after midnight, railway traffic was closed on Yamuna Pool. At the same time, about 3,000 people living in low-lying areas were taken to the safe place after rising water level on Sunday.

Talking about this, a Delhi official said that 550 tents have been planted along with the evacuation of nearly three thousand people. At the same time, arrangements for food, toilets, electricity etc. have also been arranged for the people.

Yamuna’s water level in Delhi has gone above the danger mark. For this reason, the Delhi government has provided a thousand families living in low-lying areas safely.  An official informed that the water level had increased to 205.5 meters on Sunday at five o’clock in the evening. Last time the water level reached 207.3 meters in 2013. In that year, Haryana had released eight lakh cusecs of water in a single day. Right now, Haryana has left 6 lakh cusec water this year so far.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had convened an emergency meeting in the wake of the danger of flood threat and alerted all the ministries. According to Delhi’s Flood Control Department, the water level of the river Yamuna rose to 205.30 meters at seven o’clock in the evening on the iron bridge. According to the department, water from Hathini Kund Barrage is continuously being released. The department says that considering the quantity of water, there may be further increased in Yamuna’s water.

People from New Osmanpur, Garhi Mandu and Soniya Vihar adjacent to the river in north-east Delhi have been evacuated and taken to safer places nearby. Looking at the increase in water, people living in low lying areas are also going to safer places with luggage. Hathini Kund Barrage is in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, 200 km away from Delhi. The water left from the barrage will reach Delhi by going to Yamunanagar, Karnal, and Panipat. After so many years, much more water has been left to the Yamuna in the Yamuna from the Hathini Kund. The flood control department of Delhi Government is cautious and the work of removal of people settled along the Yamuna is being done at full swing.

Eastern District SDM Arun Gupta said that people have been appealed to go to the upper places. The flood control department has arranged tents for the affected people in many places. Kejriwal instructed the officials to provide information about emergency control room number 1077 through advertisement so that people can know about it. People can use this number in flood situation. The concerned agencies told Kejriwal that the removal of people from the lower areas can be started already.

People from some villages in the river area are being taken to a safer place. Tents are being done for them. Kejriwal instructed the officials that electricity, food and drinking water should be ensured for the people and there should be no work under their supervision. The meeting was attended by the councilors, Chief Secretary, Delhi Police, Urban Development, Irrigation and Flood Control, Army, PWD, Municipal Corporation, Health, Revenue, DUSIB, DDMA, DBB and other related ministries and departments in the meeting.


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