Yamuna on brink of extreme pollution: CPCB

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NEW DELHI: The water of Yamuna, Hindan, Ramganga and Kali River has become poisonous. The water of these rivers is also neither potable nor bath able. It has been revealed in the report submitted by the Central Pollution Control Committee (CPCB) in the National Tribunal (NGT)
According to the report, in the water of these rivers where the amount of oxygen is negligible, many other dangerous chemical substances are more than the fixed amount. Groundwater of the surrounding areas of these rivers has become completely polluted, which is not safe for the people. Tribunal President Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, Member Justice Javad Rahim, RS CPCB has presented this report last week in front of Rathore, Dr. SS Garibayal’s bench.
On the order of the tribunal, CPCB, along with the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Committee and other related departments, examined the water and surrounding groundwater and inspected surrounding industrial units. After this, present their report before the bench. CPCB has on behalf of the Doab Environment Committee on petition filed by Advocate Gaurav Kumar Bansal.
The amount of oxygen in the water of these rivers is negligible. The quantity of other dangerous chemicals is also high. The water of Krishna, Kali and Hindan River falls in Yamuna; hence the water of the Yamuna has also become completely polluted.
Krishna and Kali River are the tributaries of Hindan and it flows through districts of Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Ghaziabad, and Baghpat. Finally, the Hindan River is found in Noida. In these rivers, more than 350 industrial units and sewers of these districts are shed directly without refining. The amount of oxygen in these rivers is zero, so its water is not worth the use. Because of this, the living of fish in these rivers is also in danger.

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