Uttrakhand revises fines under Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019

Uttrakhand revises fines under Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019
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DEHRADUN: After Gujarat and Karnataka state governments reduced the penalties for traffic violations under the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019, the Government of Uttrakhand has also cleared a proposal to reduce some of the penalties under the act.

Madan Kaushik, Urban Development Minister and the state government’s spokesman said, the revised penalties for several offences under MVA 2019 are being reduced to half, but there is no change in rules for fines for driving without wearing helmets, speeding or tripling on two wheelers. The reduced penalties will soon come into effect after the state government will issue an official notification about the same.

Earlier, the penalty for driving without a proper driving license or a minor was Rs 1000 which was increased to Rs 5000 under Motor Vehicle Act 2019. But, the state revised and reduced the fine to Rs 2500. Like this the newly imposed fine of Rs 5000 for talking on mobile while driving is reduced to Rs 2500 and penalty for using wrong number plate in the state is revised to Rs 5000 instead of Rs 10,000. Also, if someone doesn’t give pass to an ambulance or fire brigade he/she has to pay a fine of Rs 5000.

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