Try dumping garbage outside Raj Niwas: Supreme Court

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NEW DELHI: In view of the inaction of East Delhi municipal corporations in the national capital Supreme Court passed the Statement on Monday. “Just because underprivileged persons are staying there (in Sonia Vihar) does not mean you can dump garbage in front of their houses. Try dumping it outside (Lieutenant residence) Raj Niwas or in this area (NDMC ).”

Suggesting separating solid waste at the domestic level, the Supreme Court said that there should be a provision for penalties for dealing with those who refuse to do so. Trash throwing garbage near human habitation is a crime under section 133 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The Supreme Court told the Lt Governor that only 1800 tonnes of garbage is being collected from South Delhi. Justice Lokur said the proposal to build a thermal power plant by December 2019 in south Delhi would not fetch any benefits as additional garbage of 7,00,000 tonnes would have been generated by then.

SC said that there is a situation like emergency in Delhi, but your reaction is not the same. You do not even realize it. Justice Madan B. The bench of Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta said that why should the garbage be thrown in front of Raj Niwas? You cannot remove the garbage from any one’s house and throw it in front of someone else’s house. You have to find the options. The bench said that the protest of the people of Sonia Vihar is justified, because they are under privileged, then you want to build a mountain of litter near their houses?

As per a hospital report, 50 per cent of Delhi citizens are susceptible to lung cancer even without smoking. NITI Aayog report says Delhi will have no water by 2020. So 50 per cent of citizens will leave because of this,” observed Justice Lokur.

It was said in the court on behalf of the Lt Governor that it will take time to implement the plant. Overnight plant cannot be applied. On this, the Supreme Court said that people have the right to not throw garbage in front of their house. The counsel appearing on behalf of the Lt Governor said that the garbage will be thrown somewhere and measures are being taken for it.

The court said that we have to see the future. The litter from the houses should be placed in different parts. Which is not a bio like. Similarly, it should be kept in three different parts and the government should take it from the houses itself.

The court ordered ASG Pinky Anand to provide details of the pilot project initiated in south Delhi areas on garbage segregation, fixing the next date of hearing on August 17.


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