Traffic cops mull over intelligent system to decongest city roads

Traffic Congestion
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VIJAYAWADA: The city traffic police has been thinking to use an intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) to decongest city traffic.
The traffic management system which has been successfully implemented in Jaipur, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, is soon to be implemented in the city as traffic managers have sent a proposal to the state government.
The city has been facing the traffic problem from long time with three national highways passing through it, which is covering around 111 km area in the city, second to national capital. Apart from national highways, 52 km long stretch of state highway pass through it. This has caused a major vehicular traffic from influx of people from other areas in the city.
Nearly 43,700 vehicles from outside are coming to Vijayawada every day causing major traffic problem daily.

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