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Are we ready?

68% of India’s land is prone to drought, 60% to earthquakes, 12% to floods and 8% to cyclones, which makes our country one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, according to statistics. But the question that come up is in a country where less than 50% of our cities have storm water drainage facilities, are we ready for major calamities


Cities are changing with the introduction of new policy regime at national and local level. City governments are making all possible efforts to stand tall in desire indexes. We look at some key ranking systems to adjudge where do our cities stand…

Villages can offer solution to urban crisis

Almost three million people move to cities every week globally. Failing agriculture, saturated economic growth, and basic infrastructure deficit have impelled people from villages to migrate to urban centers. Cities that are already overburdened are in no condition to handle growing population influx. An overview of state-of-affairs in Indian villages to understand the areas which need immediate attention and will help check rural-urban migration

Cities & infrastructure shortfall

India is facing fast-paced urbanization that is a challenge and opportunity both; but how it will turn out will depend on how well we manage our cities. This will require massive investment in urban infrastructure to create better mobility and access to better services for businesses and industries to prosper. An overview of present state of affairs, initiatives and future requirements

India’s Energy Conundrum

India would require at least USD300 billion as investment, over the next six years, for
renewables, with around $100 billion solely required for solar power. The nation is among the top five countries which are making huge investment in renewable energy to meet their growing power demands. Apart from this, the government has launched many initiatives and policy interventions to promote energy efficiency and improve operational efficiency of the energy sector as a whole

The Transition

Women in cities are facing multidimensional discrimination that includes low participation opportunities in decision making, poor ratio in senior roles in the corporate world, lower wages, safety issues and gender sensitive infrastructure deficit. Women empowerment needs an improved vision and approach to address these issues collectively…

Best to Worst

Terrorism incidents and criminal activities in cities are on the rise. City governments along with security forces and other stakeholders need to devise an innovative strategy to provide a safe environment to their citizens

Living on the edge

Urban slums are the visual manifestation of poverty in cities. Nearly a billion people live…
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