September 2020 is the hottest on record: EU’s CCCS

September 2020 is the hottest on record: EU’s CCCS
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LONDON: European Union’s (EU’s) Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS) said on Wednesday, October 7, that last month was the hottest recorded September in recorded history. Unusually high temperatures were recorded off Siberia, Middle East and in parts of South America and Australia.

Scientists say that the high temperatures of this year have played a major role in disasters like the forest fire in California and the Arctic, and floods in Asia. Freja Vamborg, Senior Scientist, CCCS, said that as we move into a world with high temperature, some extreme changes are bound to happen more often and more intensely. Heat waves and excessive rains are some examples of these events.

Data from CCCS showed that September this year was 0.05 degree Celsius warmer than the last year and almost 0.08 degree Celsius warmer than that of 2016. These two months of 2019 and 2016 are the previously recorded warmest and second warmest Septembers respectively.

Climatic events of La Nina and projected low levels of autumn Arctic sea ice will determine whether this year as a whole will become the hottest year on record or not, CCCS said. The last five years were recorded as the warmest till now. Moreover, the world temperature has already recorded an increase of 1 degree Celsius as compared to temperatures from pre-industrial times.

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