SDMC imposed 1.44 lakh penalties for not separating garbage

Garbage waste SDMC
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New Delhi: SDMC has imposed 1.44 lakh fines with 140 people not separating wet and dry garbage. In 3 months, 29,237 people spreading dirt have recovered Rs 1, 1278960

According to South Delhi Municipal Commissioner Dr. Punit Kumar Goyal, there is trouble in treating wet and dry garbage separately. Time also seems to be high, so the rule has been made that people should be squeezed from the wet and dry garbage homes and put them in the dustbin. Those who do not do this will be dealt with strictly. Notice has already been issued to this effect. Still people are putting in the dustbin by mixing wet and dry garbage. Taking action against this, fines have been imposed.

At the same time, 29,237 people who have spread the dirt in public places from May to July have been challaned. Most fines have been imposed in the South Zone area. Here a fine of Rs. 46, 72210 was imposed on 10,040 people. In West Zone, a penalty of Rs 17, 84,000 was imposed on 5631 people, Rs 15, 52600 for the 5738 people in the Central Zone and Rs 2, 70150 for 7825 people in Najafgarh zone.

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