Registration of new vehicles to stop from 2019

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Bengaluru: The transport department of Bengaluru has decided to put a restriction on registration of new vehicles from 2019. The step will be taken if there is no parking facility in Bengaluru as proposed earlier. Transport Minister DC Thammanna said before taking such steps, the department will perform exercise and awareness drives for a year to persuade people to use public transport more and to go for carpooling.

“The steps are taken as traffic congestion has become a major problem in the city and many households own more than one car and most of the vehicles are parked on roads. We need to address this issue to the earliest and we seek public support in this regard” said DC Thammanna.

The proposed ban restricts registration of diesel vehicles and will allow the owner to register new vehicles if they have the required parking spaces.

The department is encouraging use of public transport and will soon introduce 80 new electric buses in the city.

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