Rajasthan tops Covid-19 management index

Rajasthan tops Covid-19 management index
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JAIPUR: Setting a milestone in times of Covid-19, Rajasthan has secured the first rank in the Covid-19 management index. The Index was compiled by the central government for 10 states and included parameters like active cases, recovered cases and mortality rate due to Covid-19.

Talking about the success of the state, Raghu Sharma, Medical and Health Minister, Government of Rajasthan, said that the state has conducted 4.40 lakh diagnostic tests out of the total 35 lakh tests carried out across the country. Moreover, the doubling time of Covid-19 infection in the country is 12 days while that of Rajasthan is 18 days.

A team of the central government, led by Rajeev Singh Thakur, Joint Secretary, met Raghu Sharma to deliberate on the strategies to contain the pandemic in the state. Rajasthan was complimented by the central team for the measures undertaken by them to improve contact tracing, institutional quarantine and testing facilities for people showing symptoms of Covid-19 infection as well as mobile vans and telemedicine facilities for other patients.

Despite the huge inflow of migrants from other states, the infection has not spread in the state as a result of micro-planning at the village and sub-division levels. Sharma went on to explain that the Medical and Health Department is focusing on other healthcare initiatives, such as immunisation, family welfare, maternal and child health and national health programmes, to ensure that the people’s needs are met, health infrastructure remains intact and the States’ health index is not adversely impacted.

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