OMC supports waste management initiatives by residents

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ONGOLE: Ongole Municipal Corporation (OMC) set up a compost unit with the help of residents of the Bellam Kottaiah (BK) enclave, which has 270 flats, to process kitchen and other bio-waste generated.

Realising the importance of conserving water, as the groundwater depletes year after year following frequent droughts, the residents have also set up a sewage treatment plant (STP) to reuse treated water from toilets to water plants and in toilets

The water used for washing and bathing by the 1,350 residents is treated at the STP to do away with the foul smell and recycled for use in toilets for flushing, said its secretary P. Ramanaiah

K Malyadri, deputy executive engineer, OMC said that the decentralised management of waste is the best way to address the problem of garbage disposal as no one wants a dumping yard right where they live. He further added that a vermicompost pit of 3 x 3 metres will suffice to compost waste generated by 50 to 100 households.

The city generates about 90 tonnes of garbage every day which is collected from doorsteps by the municipal officials.

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