The Transition

Women in cities are facing multidimensional discrimination that includes low participation opportunities in decision making, poor ratio in senior roles in the corporate world, lower wages, safety issues and gender sensitive infrastructure deficit. Women empowerment needs an improved vision and approach to address these issues collectively…


Powerpuff Mayors

Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of Paris

Civil servant, State Sec for Women’s Rights, Former National Sec for Culture and Media, the 1st Deputy Mayor of Paris

Jyoti Pandya
Mayor of Vadodara

Medical practitioner, known for her personality & organisational skills. Former president of the city’s BJP Mahila Morcha

Azra Jafari
Mayor of Nili

Afghanistan’s 1st female Mayor, Writer, contributed in 1st book of ‘The Making of the New constitution of Afghanistan’

Snehal Ambekar
Mayor of Mumbai

Became 1st Dalit woman, 7th female mayor, First time Shiv Sena corporator elected 75th Mayor of Mumbai

Virginia Elena Raggi
Mayor of Rome

Italian lawyer, represents the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), 1st party candidate & 1st woman as Mayor

Aja Brown
Mayor of Compton

2013: Community Development Professional made history; city’s youngest Mayor defeated two incumbent Mayors

Women Reservation

The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts guarantee 33 % reservation for women in local bodies

Gujarat amended Gujarat Mulki Seva (Women’s Reservation) Niyam 1997 in 2014 to give 33 % reservation to women in government jobs

Political Participation

The global average for Women in Parliament stands at 22.4%. In India, there are only 12% women in Parliament


143 out of 195 countries guarantee equality between women and men in their constitutions as of 2014

On average women in the labour market still earn 24% less than men globally

Source: United Nations,