Noida Authority installs ‘tyre killers’ to control wrong side driving

NEW DELHI: The Noida Authority installed tyre killers at sectors 76/77 to control the wrong-side driving. It becomes the first city in NCR to install tyre killers and second in the country after Pune to experiment with this traffic tool.

Tyre killers act as a speed breaker on the road for those who are driving on the correct side.  But the metal stripes installed on roads with sharp spikes on one side can puncture the tyres if the vehicle is on wrong side.

This traffic tool is designed in such a way that it can take a vehicle load of upto 40 tons. It costed around 17,000 per meter and have been placed across 11 meters on one side of the road. As warning, a sign have been placed, ahead of tyre killers.

The Authority has decided to install tyre killers at Sector 75 Metro station, near Hoshiarpur U-turn, Sector 16A flyover and near Sai temple U-turn in Sector 61, as suggested by traffic officials.

Anil Kumar Jha, Superintendent of Police said, “In Noida, driving on wrong side has become a habit, especially for two wheelers. People prefer driving on wrong side for 100 meters than taking the right side 200 meters ahead. It’s a cultural problem where violators think that they can get away with it.”

Tyre-killers were first installed in Pune in India, but were soon removed after some accidents occurred due to vehicles losing balance from getting a flat tyre. However, officials said that these may be effective in Noida as despite several steps taken earlier, including blocking unauthorized cuts and increasing e-challans, there has not been much change in drivers’ behavior.

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