MMC introduces face recognition attendance system

face recognition attendance system
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MADURAI: Madurai Municipal Corporation introduced a new attendance system with face recognition for sanitation employees. The first system is already installed at ward office in Nethaji Street in zone four of the civic body. Aneesh Sekhar, Commissioner, of MMC inspected the system on August 30 and found the system is working perfectly fine without any glitches. “The civic body is planning to install this new attendance system in 60 places throughout the city”, said Aneesh.

An estimate of 4,500 sanitation employees is working to keep the city clean. Officials said contractors used to involve in the attendance malpractice and used far lesser employees than shown on paper. However, this is the first time a tamper proof system is used to record the attendance.

An official explained the new system. He said that the equipment comes with a sim card for data transfer to cloud storage. In the new system the face is recognized then it is converted into employee code. Aneesh Sekhar also mentioned about the flaws in the old system. Many of the workers are doing manual work for more than 15 years, so their fingerprints are not clear. Face recognition work well for them, he added.

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