Ministry launches I-Metro, a forum for exchange of ideas

NEW DELHI: Union Housing Ministry launched ‘I-Metro’ on March 8, 2018. I-Metro is an association of all-India metro rail companies, which will act as a forum of exchange of ideas and innovations, pooling of knowledge and sharing of experience.
Cabinet Secretary P.K.Sinha launched this association at an event “Indian Metros: Collaborating for Excellence” in the presence of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Managing Director Mangu Singh.
“The suggestion for such a common platform for idea and experience sharing for all the Metros had come from the Prime Minister,” said PK Sinha.
“‘I-Metros’ will go a long way if it progresses in the right way in terms of sharing of best practices and adoption of the latest technologies,” a government statement quoted Sinha as having said during the launch.
Sinha said it has set the benchmark for other metro organizations in the country.
The official also released ‘The Operator’s Story’ – a publication by World Bank and Railway and Transport Strategy Center, Imperial College London, on findings of the research on “what makes Metros successful”.

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