MCG to appoint Ecogreen for toxic domestic waste management

toxic domestic waste management
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GURUGRAM: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has decided to use separate garbage collection bags for their door-to-door waste collection. The step is taken to separate hazardous domestic waste like batteries, kerosene, pesticides, medicines, phone chargers, bulbs, and tube lights from regular household waste. MCG appointed Ecogreen Energy for the initiative. Ecogreen Energy is a leading waste management and waste-to-energy company in India. This will help corporation to separate the recycle and biodegradable waste from the hazardous waste.

MCG officials said, “They have directed their concessionaire to place the collected domestic and hazardous waste in separate spaces in the garbage collection vehicles and waste transfer stations and subsequently hand it over to the representatives of a biomedical waste processing company recruited by them for scientific treatment and disposal of the waste.”

According to the MCG officials, they have appointed Kuldeep Singh, assistant engineer, sanitation wing, for providing materials, protective equipment such as bags, hand gloves to collect and separate hazardous waste as per the prescribed solid waste management rules.

S S Rohilla, public relations officer of the municipal corporation, said, “All sanitary inspectors have been given direction to apprise the general public about segregating waste into wet, dry and hazardous categories before handing it over to the representative of the concessionaire that collects waste from their doorstep. This will ensure that hazardous waste is not mixed with wet waste, which can be utilised for composting purposes, and dry waste, which can be recycled.” 

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