MCG seizes 100kg of banned polythene from Gurugram’s vegetable market

MCG seizes 100kg of banned polythene
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GURUGRAM: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) seized 100 kg of polythene from a vegetable market in Khandsa village on June 10. The seize was carried out by a team of junior engineers and other employees of the municipal corporation and was led by assistant engineer Kuldeep Singh.

The ban on the use of such non-biodegradable bags has been in effect since 2015 and the MCG has been regularly conducting similar operations since then. Although a fine of Rs 25,000 could be imposed on the defaulters, they were let off after a warning.

“Constant work is being formulated in making the city polythene-free, under the Non-Biodegradable Waste Control Act, 1988. The MCG has appointed teams in each of the four zones under this act to monitor the usage of polythene. The biggest contributor to environment pollution is polyethylene, which is a major factor in sewers and drains being choked, leading to water-logging. In addition, officials are also carrying out campaigns and apprising residents of the harmful effects of polythene and advised to carry jute or cloth bags for carrying items,” Yashpal Yadav, commissioner of MCG, said.

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