Kolkata is the second most polluted metro in the country

KOLKATA: Recent report by World Health Organisation confirms that Kolkata is the second most polluted metropolis city in the country after Delhi. The report also warns about the rise of air pollution in Kolkata city, as the air quality of Kolkata is declining faster than Delhi.

“We are running out of time to wake up from our slumber and do something drastic to improve the city’s air quality,” said environmentalist Subhas Datta

In 2017-18 Kolkata seen a rising trend in city pollution levels because of exponential growth in a number of vehicles, construction activities etc.

According to Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and National Centre for Atmospheric Research, air pollution has reduced the life expectancy of people living in Kolkata by 6.1 years. The study also reveals that 70 per cent of residents in Kolkata are suffering from respiratory disorders.

The major threat is posed by particulate matter (PM), particularly PM 2.5 which is already above the permissible limit 60 μg/m3 and it rose to the level above 300 μg/m3 in winters.

Dr Debasis Basu, a preventive medicine expert said: “Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and other major pollutants are responsible for the major increase in mortality from chronic bronchitis and pneumonia”.

“Health of people living in Kolkata have been severely compromised,” said Ajay Mittal of Kolkata Clean Air Campaign.

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