‘Jan Andolan’ launched to promote COVID appropriate behaviour

‘Jan Andolan’ launched to promote COVID appropriate behaviour
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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘Jan Andolan’, an awareness campaign to exhort people for adopting COVID appropriate behaviour. The campaign aims at encouraging people to wear mask, maintain physical distancing and maintain hand hygiene all the time.

This campaign comes after a clear display of citizens turning a blind eye to the pandemic and not taking even the basic precautions like wearing masks. As the unlock process gathers speed in a bid to open economy, the campaign also keeps the upcoming festivals and winter in view. A COVID-19 pledge was taken and the central government ministries, state governments and Union Territories will implement the campaign concertedly.

‘Jan Andolan′ includes region-specific communication and simple and comprehensive messages to reach every citizen. The dissemination of the messages will be done through social media platforms, posters and banners at public places and targeting beneficiaries of government schemes. It will involve frontline workers, local and national influencers to convey the message. The campaign will also have put up of hoardings, wall paintings, electronic display in government premises, running mobile vans for regular awareness generation, audio messages, pamphlets and brochures for awareness.

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