Indonesia Calamity : 66,000 homes destroyed, 1400 plus died

On September 28, 2018, Indonesia suffered an earthquake measured at 7.5 at Richter scale and subsequent tsunami. The natural calamity ravaged the country. As per reports, the twin quake-tsunami hit the Indonesia’s Sulawesi island and killed 1424 people; injured more than 2,500 and 100 are still missing. The disaster also affected approximately 600,000 children. Millions of dollars in aid have been pledged by the UN and countries like US, China, India, Australia, UK and New Zealand. There have been delays in aid reaching the affected areas due to rupture in communication and connecting roads. According to UNISDR, the annual average loss from disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons is about $250 billion to $300 billion globally.

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