Indian Railways installs plastic bottle crushing machine

Indian Railways installs plastic bottle crushing machine
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NEW DELHI: After the announcements made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India plastic free, initiatives have already began to curb the use of single-use plastic by all the government bodies. To align with the initiative, the Western Railway Zone of the Indian Railways has started installing the bottle crushing machines which may reduce plastic bottle waste to a large extent. The crushing machine has a capacity to crush 3000 bottles per day and it enables recycling of 90 per cent PET waste bottles. The Indian Railways said in a tweet that the carbon footprint is reduced by 100 per cent during this crushing process and it also avoids littering.

To support the plastic ban and make people aware about the harmful effects of plastic, the Railway ministry shared a short hindi film titled “Main Hoon Plastic Hatela” prepared by the Western Railway Zone, in an attempt to create awareness against single-use plastic. The short film depicts the dangers of using plastic through the character of ‘Plastic Hatela’ in an effective and interesting portrayal.

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