Himachal Pradesh high court takes action against illegal structures at Triund

action against illegal structures at Triund
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SHIMLA: Himachal Pradesh High Court ruled against the illegal encroachment in Triund area near Dharamshala after reviewing a status report filed by the Deputy Commissioner, Kangra. Following the ruling which was made on May 28, the Department of Forests has issued notices to the illegal constructions in the area, asking them to remove the structures in a notice period of 2 days. If they are unable to meet the deadline, the authorities would themselves complete the action.

Located at a height of 2,850 m from the sea level, the grassland is famous for its scenic beauty amongst trekkers. But the scenic beauty of the region is threatened as many illegally constructed businesses in the area have resulted in increasing the waste dumping in the region. The greenlands of the area have ruined as people have dug it up to raise the ‘kachha’ structures.

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