‘Global Warming pushing Earth to a point of no return’

‘Global Warming pushing Earth to a point of no return’
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MADRID: Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, has warned ahead of a key climate conference on Sunday, December 1, that due to the “utterly inadequate” efforts of the world’s major economies to curb carbon pollution, the Earth is getting pushed to a point of no return. Guterres told reporters at the start of a two-week long international climate conference that the point of return for Earth is not visible. Guterres highlighted that we did have the scientific resources and technical means to alter the extent of global warming but we lack in the political will to implement these changes.

The conference would see a delegation from almost 200 countries who would try to figure out the appropriate modifications to the 2015 Paris Agreement. The conference will also aim to create functioning international emissions trading systems and compensate the poor countries for losses they suffer from rising sea levels and other consequences caused due to climate change.

The UN Secretary General flagged off the conference with a message of hope and expected action from the world leaders as the problem of global warming grows in severity by the day. “All the country leaders need to show accountability and responsibility. Anything less would be a betrayal of our entire humanity and upcoming generation,” he said. 

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