European countries witness frightening rise in COVID cases

European countries witnesses frightening rise in COVID cases
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NEW DELHI: European countries are witnessing a precipitous augmentation in the COVID-19 cases as the restrictions were lowered to succour economic revival. The World Heal Organisation (WHO) warned that a dreadful situation is unfolding in European regions as the weekly cases were found to surpass those reported during the weeks during the first peak of the pandemic in March. Due to the easing of restrictions, social activities had increased to a very high number in the continent. Dr Hans Kluge, Regional Director for Europe, WHO, commented, “This should serve as a wakeup call for all of us.”

France reported 2,524 new cases and Germany had 4,100 cases reported in the past 24 hours. Germany declared Vienna a high risk hotspot. Spain recorded 1,418 new cases of infections and 675 active outbreaks.Ukraine and Czech Republic reported 5,397 and 5,335 cases in a day.  Paris is facing a spike as well in cases and hence cancelled this year’s Marathon which was postponed from April 5 to November 15. Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Head, emerging diseases and zoonosis, WHO said, “What is worrying is that we are not only witnessing an increase in the case numbers, but we are seeing an increase in hospitalisations too.”

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