Dutch climate plans for 2050

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Amsterdam: According to a new strategy, mobility in the Netherlands needs to change drastically to bring it in line with the country’s climate goals for 2050. It has to become ‘smart’, ‘clean’ and ‘different’.

A proposal for a climate strategy, including a mobility chapter, was presented in July 2018. It aims to deliver a shift to electric vehicles, with all private vehicles being emission-free by 2030. It also pursues smarter mobility to optimise transport flows and capacities. It also hints at a behavioural change, such as a convenient choice between transport modes, the avoidance of peak rush-hour times and working remotely.

At the same time, the new plan aims at ‘carefree mobility for all in 2050’, meaning that mobility will be accessible, affordable, safe, comfortable, convenient and healthy. In order to bring about such a change, measures are necessary at all levels of transport physical infrastructure, an optimised use of infrastructure, and the development of transport services and mobility services.

The plan proposes the establishment of a knowledge and innovation programme. This should focus on the development of battery and charging technology, the electrification of heavy-duty transport, alternative fuels and the development of ‘Mobility as a Service’. It also underlines the importance of collaboration with stakeholders and of new ways of financing.

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