DSIIDC to pay Rs. 5 lakh as fine for open waste burning

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NEW DELHI: Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC) was charged a fine of Rs. 5 lakhs by The Environment Protection (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) on October 21 for poor management and open burning of industrial waste. A fine of Rs 10 lakh was issued on the two private concessionaires Bawana Infra Ltd. and PNC Infra Ltd. responsible for picking up wasteinBawana and Narela respectively.

Bhure Lal, chairperson of EPCA, passed an order to the Delhi Pollution Control Committee(DPCC) to carry out night patrolling. Lal said that people are dumping waste on roads and empty plots at night. “Patrolling is the only way to catch culprits and solve the problem,” he added.

Lal informed that he had witnessed an open burning in the area on October 20, during his visit to the Delhi Technological University in Bawana.

An official said that Delhi does not have a particular site to dump industrial waste, so all the waste is sent to one of the three landfill sites in the city. Lal assured that the EPCA will take steps to address the issue.

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