DJB to test 1400 water samples for quality

DJB to test 1400 water samples for quality
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NEW DELHI: A week ago, a study conducted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) where the organization tested around 11 samples of water taken from across Delhi stated the water in the national capital is most unsafe among for consumption the 21 state capitals. The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) on Tuesday, November 19, said that it will start collecting 1,400 water samples for testing from across the city.

The DJB officials said that the board will form around 32 teams to collect samples for the tests. As per the plan, five samples from each ward will be collected. A third party will also be involved in the process which will test the water samples in their own facility.

The Jal Board, on November 3, opened its water treatment facility located in Sonia Vihar to the media personnel and explained the various processes that are  involved in treating the city’s water. At the end the officials said that the DJB’s water is cent per cent safe for consumption.

Sanjay Sharma, DJB chief water analyst, while explaining the process said that the treated water is tested 24 times which is once in every hour. The water has to be on mark with all the parameters set or else we do not supply the same to the city.

Dinesh Mohaniya, vice-chairman of the DJB  said that the Centre has nominated two personnel for a joint inspection but the central government officials will not be enough to conduct a joint sampling therefore, the DJB will also allocate two of its officials

Sharma further said that if the quality is anyway behind the BIS standards, then the water is taken to a recycle chamber. If the water is treatable, then it is taken through the whole treatment process again.

“If there is any problem with the raw water, then we stop the production immediately. If at any point during the treatment we feel that we cannot treat it up to the desired standards, then we flow it out into the Yamuna,” Sharma added.

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