Disaster management training for DTC staff

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New Delhi: Twenty-five thousand Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) staff members have been imparted training to deal with disaster preparedness and crisis management organised by DTC in collaboration with Angeli Qwatra Safety Trainings, a Centre for disaster risk and safety.

The inaugural training was conducted in the presence of Manoj Kumar, IAS, chairman and managing director of the DTC and Dr Angeli Qwatra, director general of the Centre-Disaster Risk and Safety. The trainees included bus drivers and conductors, who are one of the primary responders to disasters, road accidents and medical situations.

India witnesses over more than four lakh road accidents every year due to which more than one lakh loses their lives and almost five lakhs are inflicted serious injuries. Delhi is prone to several natural and man-made disasters and road traffic accidents have become the leading cause of injury and death among the adult population.

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