Delhi’s population exceeds various countries: EC Report

Delhi’s population exceeds various countries: EC Report
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NEW DELHI: The population count of the Indian Capital has crossed the count of population of many countries like New Zealand, Greece, Sweden, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. Delhi population is more than two crores now. A report released by the Election Commission of India revealed the stats with the announcement of the upcoming assembly polls.

Kazakhstan, the largest country by area with fewer people than India’s capital. It is spread over an area of 27 lakh square km and has an estimated of 1.88 crore people. This means its population is 93.4 per cent of Delhi’s, while its area is 1,819 times as large. Similarly, Zimbabwe has 73.9 per cent of Delhi’s population and is 261 times the area.

Although, there are many countries having a population more than that of Delhi but many of these have a slightly higher population and are over thousand times bigger in land area. Canada is one such example, the country has 1.9 times population of Delhi and an area over 6,000 times the size of the city. Another example could be, Australia which is nearly 5,000 times the size of the Indian Capital having just 1.3 times its population. Also, the countries Argentina and Saudi Arabia are more than 1000 times bigger in area than that of Delhi but have population in these countries is only slightly higher than Delhi.

The population of the Delhi Urban Agglomeration (UA) which includes the urban areas like Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad is by far the largest in India. The population estimates from the UN for Delhi’s population is at three crore for 2020, which a crore more than that of Mumbai’s population. Other big cities in India catering to a population of more than one crore are Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. Also, Delhi is the second most populated city in the world after Tokyo.

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