Delhi to soon formulate a policy for public art

NEW DELHI: The national capital will soon get a policy on public art including a Public Art Master Plan. The Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) shared a draft on guidelines for the implementation of public art policy in Delhi on December 6, 2018.

The proposed guidelines list the details of the type of art forms and locations where they can be installed; list of approvals required; fixingresponsibility for its maintenance and the role of local bodies in promoting public art.

DUAC said that it has invited suggestions and objections from the public before finalizing the policy and the master plan.

Delhi has some public art, including sculptures, murals, contemporary art installations etc, which were done without clear-cut policy. PSN Rao, DUAC chairman said, “The idea is to promote different types of art forms and its location. Dhalaos, dustbins, water tankers, communication towers etc. can also be used to showcase public art.”

There have been incidents in pasts where artworks installed in public spaces have been vandalized. The government agencies have struggled with the maintenance andprotection of artwork.

Hardeep Singh Puri, Union Minister of State (i/c) for Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, while addressing a public art policy emphasised on the need to create an environment where people respect and value public art. He said, “Public art is important for urban rejuvenation. But we need to protect it from being vandalized. Recently, I heard about people vandalizing the nuts and bolts at Signature bridge.”

Rao said that the people, artists, organizations, resident welfare associations etc. will have to send their proposals through local bodies for the approval of the art work. DUAC will form a panel for public art advisors who will assist the agency in finalizing the artwork based on the respectivelocation. The local bodies will be responsible for their maintenance.

In the Public Art Master Plan, DUAC has specified a few places where public art can be installed. DUAC official said that the flyover, bus shelters, Metro Stations, parks, district centres, markets, biodiversity parks, inter-state bus terminals are some of the locations where public art could be installed.

The policy gives details about the type of artwork and regulations for its maintenance. The artists and urban designers say that there is need for more details and the scope of artwork. Jatin Das, a renowned artistsaid, “There is a need to incorporate intangible art in these guidelines. Theartwork should be finalized based on the location where it is being installed.”

DUAC will now finalise the policy and put it in public domain for suggestions and objections after which it will be notified.

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