Delhi Jal Board board refused to provide water to public toilets

Shulabh Sauchalaya
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NEW DELHI: The Delhi Water Board has refused to give water connections in the community toilet and urinals being made or have been built in Delhi under Swachh Bharat Mission. The water board has said that MCD should use either treated water to clean these toilets and urinals or use the water of borewell. Many new toilets are closed for months without getting water connection.

According to officials of the North MCD Dames Department, MCD has made toilets and urinals to improve the cleanliness system in Delhi under Clean India Mission (SBM). If the toilets and urinals were started without getting water connection, the problem of dirt could increase. According to the officers, he had kept this problem in front of the Mission Director and Joint Secretary of the Clean India Mission.

After this meeting with the DJB officials in January, March and April, also the meeting was done, but the water board was not ready to give water connections. The officers had argued that enough water is not available for drinking, so how do they get water connections to clean the toilet.

According to Devendra Kumar, director of North MCD’s Dames Department, this is the reason why many new communities and public toilets have not been opened even after the preparation. He said that the water of Borwell can be used, but the Central Ground Water Authority has also banned the new borewell in Delhi.

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