CPCB alarms Delhi government of pollution during winter season

CPCB alarms Delhi government of pollution during winter season
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NEW DELHI: Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has asked the Government of Delhi to address and take instant action on major sources of pollution. The body has shown concern regarding Delhi’s pollution problems in winters due to building and demolition activities and open garbage dumping.

CPCB listed the major concerns around the city which need early attention to contain the levels of air pollution in winters. It released a letter to Delhi Government asking them to take immediate action on mixed municipal solid waste at the dumping sites in Bhalswa, Ghazipur and Okhla.

CPCB said that open dumping of waste and demolition & construction sites contribute a major chunk to Delhi’s air pollution and hence they need immediate action. It added that although some steps have been taken to curb the city’s pollution levels during winter, “more needs to be done”.

CPCB also pointed out the limitations in the action plan of 13 major pollution hotspots of Delhi. It said that the CPCB has not received the updated status of Wazirpur hotspot and there is no mention of greening and paving in the area.

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