Coimbatore city becomes the first corporation of India to launch a monitoring system for SWM

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COIMBATORE: Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) became the first corporation in the country to launch a monitoring system for solid waste management using information and communication technology (ICT).
CCMC commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan on 27 August launched the mobile app for monitoring of garbage waste collected from households at a training program organized for explaining SwachhSurvekshan 2019 guidelines.

“The civic body is planning to launch the project within coming weeks. The vehicles which collect the garbage will carry separate bins for dry, organic and inorganic waste and these collecting vehicles will be attached with the RFID tags and sensors which will be linked to the app. The waste collection workers will scan the QR codes placed on different bins and all data will be sent to the app based portal which is open to the public to get a brief idea about the amount of garbage collected” explained Saravanakumar.

There are over 500 apartments across the city and the civic body has decided to implement the project initially at 50 apartments across the city, after which all of the remaining apartments will be covered. Once the whole system will become fully operational, the civic body will stop collecting waste from the households that failto segregate the waste. Corporation officials have already informed bulk waste generator in the city added Saravanakumar.

According to the guidelines of SwachhSurvekshan 2019, to score higher in the ‘garbage-free city’ ranking minimum 5% of households should have a composting system at home to turn organic waste into manure said officials.

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