China sets mandatory renewable power quotas for 2019-20

China sets mandatory renewable power quotas
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BEIJING: The National Energy Administration (NEA) on May 15, said that in an attempt to promote the use of clean energy in the country,China is setting mandatory renewable power quotas for each of its region for 2019 and 2020,.

According to NEA, local grid companies will have to purchase a certain volume of electricity from renewable energy generators.

The targets, set as a share of renewable energy use in total energy mix, differ from 10 per cent in eastern province of Shandong to as high as 88 per cent in southwestern province of Sichuan in 2019 based on their energy structure. The draft plan was launched in November last year.

Apart from checks from local authorities, central government will also position inspectors to monitor the implementation of the policy, the NEA statement said.

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