Centre to develop satellite mechanism to monitor green cover

Centre to develop satellite mechanism to monitor green cover
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NEW DELHI: Prakash Javadekar, Union Environment Minister, has announced that the government is developing a satellite based mechanism to check the green cover and growth of the vegetation cover in India. He said that efforts were being made to develop a system, incorporating satellites, which will efficiently monitor the minute detailing of the forestation at the geo-coordinates and monitor the growth of saplings planted.

The Union minister also mentioned that a total of twelve crore saplings were planted in the last five years.

The government was also successful in securing Rs 47,436 crore funds for the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA). CAMPA funds are allocated to states for promoting afforestation and increasing the green cover of the country. Discussions were held on better utilization of CAMPA funds to create self-sustained green cover and fodder augmentation and moisture management in the forest areas. This will also help in avoiding human-animal conflict and improve the quality of forest, he added.

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