Central Delhi may need water tankers, DJB tells HC

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NEW DELHI: Delhi Jal Board (DJB) told the Delhi High Court on March 13, 2019, that if Haryana does not release more water, this year central Delhi may require water tankers to meet the city’s demands.

Keeping in view a letter sent by Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in front of the court, DJB urged to ensure that Haryana releases water supply to Delhi.

In front of the bench headed by Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice A J Bhambani, the civic agency had tried to resolve the dispute with Haryana, but the Wazirabad pond had to be kept full by neighbouring state, otherwise the capital would face crisis. However, standing counsel Sumeet Pushkarna opposed the plea of Haryana that the dispute should be taken up before the Upper Yamuna River Board. The HC then asked DJB to keep its arguments on record through an affidavit.

In his letter, the Delhi CM demanded the Prime Minister’s intervention to ensure adequate water supply from Haryana so that “the adjacent water crisis, especially in the New Delhi Municipal Council areas and Central Delhi and generally in whole of Delhi, can be averted “.As per the letter, the city has been receiving 1,133 cusecs of water from Haryana since 1996, but recently, for the first time in 22 years, the neighbouring state has contested the capital’s right over this water and partially stopped the supply. 

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